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The First Step in Making Civilization and Yourself Stronger

Can you say what Western civilization is in one word?

Can you say what your purpose in life is in one word?

Do you understand why Western civilization is so hated and when it started?

If you can't, then cannot can't defend the West and most of the news will not make sense to you. You can learn answers to these questions and more in our short online course by filling out the form below. You can also ask anything else in the below form.

The Stoic School knows these answers and many more, because we were there at the birth of Western civilization and have been its tutor, chaperone, and champion of Western civilization ever since. For more than 23 centuries we have developed the organization, the man power, and the vitality needed to preserve the best and replace the rest regarding the West.

The first step we ask of you is to build the desire within yourself to train your mind and body as much as you have the power to do so. By giving us a name of your choice and an email address, we will open up to you a wealth of training and information regarding how to bring the change you want in yourself and/or the world. 

We have organized every area in the West into districts. These districts are part of an efficient network that trains members how to grow strong and how to make Western civilization stronger. 

The best way to start is by requesting our confidential, no commitment, and self-paced short online training program. All we ask is that you hear us out by going through all of the lessons in the first course.

To request our short online training program or to contact us for any other reason, simply fill out the form below. You will be glad you did.