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Our Vision

The vision of the Stoic School is:

  • A more harmonious world by individuals and communities harmonizing with the Cosmos
  • True diversity, which requires true differences among individuals and communities
  • An increasing number of individuals who practice full Stoicism. By training their Reason well, they will learn to turn bad emotions into good ones. They will know themselves, they will know their community, and they will understand how the one best harmonizes with the other.
  • An eighth Wonder of the world. It will be a small scale demonstration of all the enlightenment from the ancients and all the best technology and science of the present put together smartly in a dynamo of synergy. This small neighborhood will be the first Living Wonder of the World and will be a showcase for how mankind is now able to live in complete harmony with the Cosmos. This wonder will demonstrate the best ideas in alternative energy, aquaponics, carfree cities, epigenetics, architecture that people spend their vacation to see, and many more wonders all working together in a way that the result is a sum that is far greater than the parts.