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Get to know the Stoic School a little better!

We are the most exciting organization you will ever meet. For starters, the Stoic School is the oldest continuous institution in history. We were there at the birth of Western civilization 2300 years ago, and we have been its foundation, its mentor, and its champion ever since.

We train individuals how best to engage in civil society in order to: bring harmony between the sexes,  maximize ethnic concord, foster artistic creativity, bring Justice to society via Virtue, in contrast to the ill-thought and buzz phrase of the past decade "social justice."

We make the world better by promoting Western civilization worldwide. This includes mixing the ancient enlightenment of Stoicism with modern technology and scientific discoveries. Our primary message is that advancing Western civilization is the best way of life, that it transforms negative emotions into positive ones, and that it is the only way for people of all races to live in peace on earth. In technical terms, we call this Virtue.

We are not a complicated academic organization. We are a civil society of people from all walks of life who share important values about the earth, science, and social Justice, and are making a real difference in the world by training one person at a time to reach his full potential. We continue to unite idealism and practicality in the same way Stoics always have for 23 centuries. We teach how you can add to the glory of Western civilization and leave your permanent mark on the world.

If you do not want to give up on your most personal dreams, you have come to the right place! You will enjoy getting to know the Stoic School a little better.


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Applied Stoicism is giving millennials and the fledgling next generation faith in a better future through philosophy and science

Stoic scientists are applying Stoicism in biology, ecology, chemistry, agriculture, physics, and more

Stoicism is at the cutting edge of how we understand life itself

Stoic research in epigenetics is fundamentally changing our understanding of what it means to, "Know Thyself"