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S T O I C   S C H O O L   I N S T I T U T E


What is the Stoic School?

Regarding Western Civilization, the Stoic School is:

1) the Foundation.

A particular culture produced Stoicism and Stoicism in turn became the animating spirit of that culture.

2) the Mentor.

Stoicism has proven over the centuries to be the most excellent guide for societies to overcome new problems while preserving the values that mean the most to them. 

3) the Champion.

We are all about productive civic life and fraternity.


School News

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School News

Those who have studied Stoicism in Academia often ask, "What do I do now?"


This question shows that Academia fails to teach the fullness of Stoicism.The Stoic School is the correct place to see how to go beyond the "alphabet" stage of Stoicism.

One reason Academia fails is it does not require students or professors to practice Stoicism. Universities will award their highest honors on a person for simply parsing a few words from a few Stoic works instead of grading the student on how well he trains his Reason or how well he practices the full Stoic life.

By contrast, those in offices at the Stoic School are required to demonstrate a Stoic life for many years and have at least two demonstrations of being willing to sacrifice their life rather than violate Virtue.

Another reason people ask "What now?" is they have not achieved the Oracle's admonition to "Know Thyself." This is only possible by the fullness of Stoic life. In particular, it requires the individual to practice Virtue under test, to know how to recognize what is Truth (the Stoic School teaches the 16 ways to make sure of what is Truth), and to understand the answer to, "What is Man?" This website and our newsletter make these concepts and others clear, concise, and convenient. 

Be Creative!

If you have questions about how to change the world for the better, in social justice, in realistic alternative energy, in sustainable agriculture, uniting citizens in bonds of mutual respect, you have come to the only place that has the answers regarding how to see these things realized in your life time. We confidently make that claim because of one thing the Stoic School has that no other group can claim to have - Logos Spermatikos.

The Stoic School is how you can know yourself better, find more success in life, and seize that debut waiting for you when you reach your full potential. 

“The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing, in so far as it stands ready against the accidental and the unforeseen, and is not apt to fall.”