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This is what non-Stoicism looks like

October 11, 2017

- by Seneca the Younger

Why have some cultures rejected Stoicism?

There are three main reasons: 1) they are weak when it comes to the Good, 2) they are strong when it comes to the bad, or 3) they are deceived into thinking Stoic Virtue is the bad.

1) Stoicism declares that strength is a good thing. Individually, familially, and nationally, it is more excellent to be strong than it is to be weak. Many cultures are lazy. This is similar to why most people are not athletic; they do not want the discipline and exercise routine required to stay in shape. This violates the Stoic Virtues of Temperance and Fortitude – eating too much and too little physical exertion. Cultures of entire continents have decided to take the path of least resistance. That is the opposite of Stoicism.

2) Some cultures, especially tyrannical ones, are strong for bad. They enjoy what is wrong. They enjoy what is unnatural. They feel they are powerful if they resist the irresistible powers of Nature. Corrupt cultures love injustice. They hate Justice. This is the opposite of Stoicism.

3) Other cultures are deceived into thinking Stoic Virtue is bad. These people have not developed their minds into an adult stature. They are convinced that law and order are tyrannical. They are unable to obey legal authority. Instead, they glory in resisting it, making themselves outlaws. They fantasize about a magical society where nobody needs to curb their desires and appetites except those who have praiseworthy desires and appetites. They believe their lusts can overrule biology and gender. They fool themselves into accepting that society will be better off being ruled by tantrums rather than rational deliberation. They confuse what is good with what is bad and what is bad with what is good. They glorify what is shameful and shame what is glorious. This is foolish. It is an attack on Wisdom. That is the opposite of Stoicism.

This is what non-Stoicism looks like.

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The Stoic School is where you know you belong to something that sees the good in you.

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We are the oldest continuous organization in history

The Stoic School has a continuous history of more than 23 centuries. However, we are not an academic organization in the sense of being a university or college as those terms are commonly used today. We have sharp differences with the Academics.

We continue the practices and spirituality of classical Stoicism. This worldview has helped enlighten civic life since Zeno of Citium started this School in Athens in 300 BC. As the Stoic School Institute, we show the world the benefit of Stoicism, what the ancient Stoic School's religious services were like, and how the sacred beliefs of Stoicism connect people with the very forces of divine nature.

If you are interested in how ancient wisdom can make your modern lifestyle happier and more efficient, if you've wished that being healthy was easier, or if you feel something might not be excellent in your life, you will enjoy seeing what we are doing right now.

We hope you will see for yourself how living in harmony with nature is the key for you to know yourself, to understand the world, to grow stronger, to wield your potential, and to make a difference in the world.

Stoicism is the missing key for you to ...

  • Turn On
  • Tune In
  • Grow Strong
  • Make Change

Stoicism has been called the "yang" in "yin and yang," the science of masculinity, the art of living, the generative power of growth, the civic religion, the social manifestation of testosterone, and the cause of cultural creativity. One reason Stoicism has been so strong for so long is that it connects you with the very forces of nature itself. Stoicism forges stress into bliss and naturally forces negative emotions into positive ones, because natura non contristatur (nature is not saddened).

What we offer you is the way to Turn On your full potential, to Tune In to the very forces of nature, to Grow Strong mentally, physically, and spiritually, and to Make Change in yourself and the world that is dramatic, lasting, and miraculous. 

Everyone has heard someone say they wanted to change something in their life but didn't seem able to do it. Stoicism is the answer, because it opens up to people how to use the very forces of Nature to easily change what needs changing.

Stoicism is how you can control the next stage of your natural human evolution. All you have to do is take one small step in the right direction; Nature takes care of all the rest.

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From the Scholarch:

When someone offends you or disparages you, remember that you too have been impatient with others. You too have been in a moment of desperation. You too have regretted actions afterwards.

Then think about how you are kith or kin to that person, and you are not different from him, unless you master your passions better than he.

From the Scholarch:

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personal happiness and civic harmony are our specialties

Hate your job? Unhappy in a relationship? Feel your life doesn't matter?

Stoicism is the answer.

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Stoicism is the answer.

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“The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing, in so far as it stands ready against the accidental and the unforeseen, and is not apt to fall.”

by Marcus Aurelius, an ancient emperor who practiced Stoicism

The Seven Wonders of the World

"I have gazed on the walls of impregnable Babylon, along which chariots may race, and on the Zeus by the banks of the Alpahaeus. I have seen the Hanging Gardens and the Colossus of Helios, the great man-made mountains of the lofty pyramids, and the gigantic tomb of Maussollos. But when I saw the sacred house of Artemis that towers to the clouds, the others were placed in the shade, for the sun himself has never looked upon its equal outside Olympus."

by Antipater of Sidon an ancient poet who loved to visit new places

Slave, poor as Irus, halting as I trod,

I, Epictetus, was the friend of God.

by an ancient poet who did not give us his name