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Can you be unbiased?

The Stoic School Institute has preserved an ancient process to have an opinion without bias.

The method involves a process of first identifying the essence of a thing or opinion (what it always is and never is not). Then the method can harmonize our opinion with that essence through four levels of scrutiny.

It is only worth doing this process for very important things.

A partial example is at the end of this speech Analytical Stoicism

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We are the oldest continuous organization in history

The Stoic School has a continuous history of more than 23 centuries. However, we are not an academic organization in the sense of being a university or college as those terms are used today. We have thorny differences with the Academics.

The Stoic School has been the creative force for Western civilization since Zeno of Citium started this School in Athens in 300 BC. As the Stoic School Institute, we show the world the practical benefits of Stoicism, what the Stoic School's spiritual outlook means, and how the Stoic School's sacred geometry connects people with the very forces of divine nature.

If you want to make your modern lifestyle happy and efficient, if you've wished that being healthier was easier, or if you feel something might not be excellent in your life, then you will find the Stoic School enjoyable, interesting, and something that you owe yourself.

School News

We are no longer taking applications for 2019 assistantships and fellowships as well as nominations for the Marcus Aurelius Medal.

From the Scholarch

Many people will help you in a time of need, if you let them make the important decisions in your life. Avoid these people as you would avoid a vampire.

From the Scholarch

Most people, when they say they want to talk or they are there to help you, simply want you to do what they want you to do.

From the Scholarch

If there is no difference in the genders, why should those who believe this care at all what gender pronoun they are called by others?

From the Scholarch

Regarding questions about my typos, my eyes are failing. I am giving my sight in the hope that others might see.

From the Scholarch

One reason a dog is a man's best friend is that they are consistent in what it takes to please them, and they do their best to please mankind.

From the Scholarch

Don't feel bad when you're right, but feel kind. When mentioning a fault in another, address older ones as you would a beloved parent and younger ones as you would a beloved sibling or child.

From the Scholarch

It is not time but experiences that turn a boy into a man.

From the Scholarch

When driving a car, you can only merge with traffic by going in the same direction and by going at a similar speed.Similarly, a people only merge together by driving in the same direction culturally and at a speed everyone is capable of.

From the Scholarch

Complement others whenever you can, and ask them once in a while about things they know more about than you.

This builds better civic relations and stronger bonds of friendship.

From the Scholarch

Never put your doctor in your will.

From the Scholarch

Flirting can be false.

Prettiness always fades.

But Virtue lasts forever.

From the Scholarch

Tell others things they need to know, not things you feel a need to say.

From the Scholarch

All things considered, we must never give up loving life no matter what.

From the Scholarch

A person is only forged into a Stoic after the crucible of suffering.

From the Scholarch

It's better to be the predator than the prey.

From the Scholarch

The essence of conversation is hearing what the other person is actually saying.

From the Scholarch

We all make bad decisions. When that happens, it is honorable to do our best to improve our next decision in similar circumstances. Otherwise, we would make another bad decision by repeating our prior bad decision. 

From the Scholarch

As fire refines gold, suffering refines strong men.

This is why prolonged prosperity often corrupts the men of that society.

Since the West has the greatest prosperity in history, it is no wonder that its masculinity is the lowest in history.

From the Scholarch

Those who choose to imitate rabid animals must be treated as rabid animals.

From the Scholarch

Fear, not kindness, restrains the wicked.

This is one reason the West has gone weak. For example, the cost of committing the worst crimes against society used to be death or long-term punishment in a penitentiary ("place of punishment," id est "place of penance"). Today, the idea of punishment is abhorrent to the masses, as can be seen by labeling our prisons as "correctional facilities." So, instead of punishment, the West offers criminals "correction," which is a kindness.

That is why the wicked set it in their hearts to do bad. 

From the Scholarch

When someone cuts you off in traffic, remember that he is either (1) making a correct judgment about his situation or is (2) making a false judgment about his situation.

1) If he is correct in his judgment (such as being in a medical emergency), then be happy to yield for the benefit of another with a greater need. You have been given the opportunity to help a friend you have not yet met to get needed assistance.

2) If he is incorrect in his judgment (such as being enraged by having a boss that is difficult to please), then be happy you are not so enraged as to endanger yourself or others. You have been given the opportunity to help an unknown friend to get safely to where he is going and to continue growing in Virtue as Nature sees fit for him.

From the Scholarch

Those who claim that all we see is a dream, are actually claiming it is all real, because they take as a fact that dreams are real.

From the Scholarch

The purpose of marriage and erotic love is to perpetuate society. Romantic love (eros), however, is a poor basis for a marriage. It is with good reason that it is only in fairy tales that couples live "happily ever after," because infatuation is not the purpose of male and female, and it is not what fulfills male or female. Erotic love comes and goes. One minute a man and woman lust for one another,  and the next minute they might lust for another one.

Rather, the best basis for marriage and perpetuating society is storge love, which causes the man and the woman to respect what the other partner likes and to respect what the other partner dislikes.

This is the reason the West has always honored marriages that strengthen and perpetuate society.

From the Scholarch

The problems in the West are caused by men (males), not because of how Nature made them but because of their cowardice to become what Nature made them.

From the Scholarch

When you encounter people who are aggressive about their political differences, first hear their side. Ask questions to understand why they believe as they do. Then, weigh their judgments on the scales of your reason to determine if they are better judgments, worse judgments, or neutral compared to your judgments about politics. Be grateful for them, because they are necessary for you to develop Right Reason just as gravity is necessary to develop strong muscles.

From the Scholarch:

The only problem with receiving criticism is if it is something true about your character.

Then, it is in your power to change the cause of the criticism and end the only problem it can cause you.

From Epictetus

No man who loves money, and loves pleasure, and loves fame, also loves mankind, but only he who loves virtue.

Handbook XIII

From the Scholarch

Please join us in fighting modern-day slavery.

Here is one way to do that: 


The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing, in so far as it stands ready against the accidental and the unforeseen, and is not apt to fall.”


From Epctetus

Slave, poor as Irus, halting as I trod,

I, Epictetus, was the friend of God.