The Next Showdown in Physics Between Electromagnetism Paradigm Versus Gravity Paradigm is Set in Motion

The Parker Solar Probe is underway to answer two puzzles that baffle scientists who consider it most likely that gravity is the prime moving force in the universe on the macro scale.

The first puzzle is how the Sun constantly ejects approximately one million tons of negatively charged mass per second, without becoming so positively charged itself that it makes it impossible for electrons to be ejected.

The second puzzle is how the surface of the Sun can be approximately 5,500 degrees Celsius (C), while the outermost part of its atmosphere is more than 1,000,000 degrees C. That is like, since the average temperature on Earth is 61 degrees Fahrenheit (16 C), if we had a temperature for the outermost part of our atmosphere of 11,091 degrees Fahrenheit (6,144 C).

The Parker Solar Probe promises to solve some puzzles and to raise new ones. It could even begin to overturn a centuries-old concept of what the driving force is in the universe. After all, history has shown that the overturning of whole systems of thinking is never further away than one observation.

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