Together we are doing this


(Goals with a period are in their final translation form for English and shall not change in essence, except according to Our Bylaws, but may change in substance by simple consensus. Goals without a period are in their accepted-submission format and are open for comment and consensus.)



1) Celebrate the core Stoic teachings as defined by the "Lowest Common Denominator" method, meaning the teachings of Zeno that have been taught by all Stoics at all times in all places.

2) Celebrate the breadth and depth of contemporary Stoic teachings and the diversity of historical frontiers of Stoic reasoning.

3) Research the pan-Stoic global community for wise solutions to the greatest needs for modern Stoics to thrive. 

4) Develop these solutions into measurable initiatives in the service of the cosmopolitan human family.



5) Celebrate the Greco-Roman culture that produced Stoicism and the culture Stoicism produces in the modern age.

6) Demonstrate civility in public discourse.

7) Network with the full diversity of Stoic communities.

8) Welcome in meaningful ways those new to Stoicism



9) Promote literacy among Stoics and non-Stoics using primary sources of the most influential ideas in the Great Conversation.

10) Build chapters for training in civic engagement, critical thinking

11) Complete tertiary projects to serve the public, such as feeding the hungry or introducing the Stoic warrior's triad of tranquility, fearlessness, and freedom to the ill and incarcerated.

12) Champion the cause of freshwater and wetland ecosystems in targeted watersheds



13) Practice eternal vigilance over donations so that they are used in the most efficient, effective, and ethical way.

14) Raise awareness of the greatest lie that most people believe about the School

15)  Provide advancement opportunities to those active Stoics

16) Build strong partnerships in the pan-Stoic community and with non-stoic communities to achieve our goals


Let's join forces, not merely to bring our vision about, but to bring it about in our time.