Our 16-goal Vision

The vision of the Stoic School is a more harmonious world one person and one community at a time by harmonizing with what natural laws reveal to us about the Cosmos in 16 specific areas:

Goal  1: Raising awareness of what it means to, "Know thyself" and what is necessary for human thriving

Goal  2: Providing our members quality education in ethics, in science, in vocational training, in the humanities, in literacy programs, in career mentoring, and in civic harmony

Goal  3: Preserving the ancient Stoic insights into human relationships and physics

Goal  4: Making the keys to human happiness well-known

Goal  5: Providing our members a corporate culture that makes them look forward to coming to work

Goal  6: Providing our members, throughout their careers, access to unparalleled benefits and best opportunities regarding the effects of broken families, loss of parents, single parenthood, foster children, and more

Goal  7: Cultivating Temperance in our consumer consumption, our use and treatment of natural resources, and the workloads we expect from our employees or volunteers

Goal  8: Demonstrating remarkable hospitality to our neighbors and to our community

Goal  9: Leading the protection of marine and animal species and their habitats with stalwart tenderness that promotes and sustains their flourishing

Goal 10: Discovering the full health benefits of natural flora, fauna, and minerals

Goal 11: Researching, developing, and deploying standard-setting solutions to clean water and sanitation

Goal 12: Innovating and deploying the next paradigm leap in crystal-clean energy

Goal 13: Producing city planning that is worthy of modern technologies and human relationships

Goal 14: Modernizing civic infrastructure

Goal 15: Institutionalizing equality under law in equal rights, flourishing ecological impact, and climate adaptation

Goal 16: Building strong partnerships to achieve our goals