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Our Culture

The culture of the Stoic School is imbued with BEST practices:

B - Business

E - Excellence

S - Synergy

T - Technology

Business means conducting all of our activities with financial transparency, frugality, and sustainability. Business also means we maintain our commitment that at least 99% of donations directly impact the causes supported by the donor. 

Excellence means we strive to thrive. We focus on fulfilling our Mission in the most effective, most efficient, and most ethical way possible.

Synergy means we use the enlightenment of the ages and current research to ensure our human relationships and technological networks produce a quantitative and qualitative sum that is greater than what could be achieved with different relationships or configurations.

Technology means we use cutting-edge technology to further our mission; we do not add technology if it is only "trendy." It also means we train and mentor our supporters so that, instead of them feeling like they are serving technology, they feel that technology lightens their load and facilitates their goal of making a big difference in a cause they deeply care about.