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Advanced Analytical Stoicism for Today

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On Virtue explores modern Stoicism in an advanced and analytical way. Using material from Zeno of Citium and Epictetus, On Virtue explores how modern Stoicism can adapt to contemporary lifestyles in a manner that retains ancient Stoicism's timeless insights into the human condition. Most of all, On Virtue shares the depth of thinking on Stoic Virtue that has kept Stoicism modern and profound for more than 23 centuries.




September 16, 2022

To live, indeed, is not in our power; but to live rightly is.

Quintus Sextius


August 18, 2022

If we do not refer each of our actions to some standard, we shall be acting at random; if to an improper standard, we shall fail utterly. There is a general and a particular standard. [...] The particular end relates to the occupation and choice of each individual.

Epictetus's Discourses



July 1, 2022

We hate those who show us up. But Socrates used to say that an unexamined life is not worth living.

Epictetus's Discourses

1.26.17, 18


Who Made the First Globe?

In 152 BC The Stoic Crates of Mallus constructed the earliest known globe of Earth

How far has modern Stoicism come since then?


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