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You have arrived at the official website of the Stoic School, the oldest continuous organization in history.

This is the only place to learn the length, the width, the height, and the depth of Stoic epistemology, anthropology, cosmology, linguistics, and practices, which are learned simply from the testimony of Nature.

Here you can see Zeno's vision that founded the Stoic School and how it has materialized through the centuries, and you can add your indelible mark on history.

Let's join forces, not merely to bring our visions about, but to bring them about in our time.


Now is the Time to Find What You Seek

September 20

“I made a prosperous voyage when I suffered shipwreck.”

Zeno of Citium


September 14

Zeno: How am I to become wise?

Oracle of Delphi: Take on the appearance of the dead.

Zeno: Then I must live as the wise men have lived before me.

Oracle of Delphi: The wise, and only the wise, know themselves.

Zeno: Then knowing one's self is tempering one's self in all things - by taking on the appearance of the dead.

Oracle of Delphi: You will face the appearance of someone wiser than Socrates enthroned.


September 12

Stoic Cosmopolitanism means more than that all races are biologically related in an extended human family; it means that every human is related in a royal family.

Similar to members of the royal family in Great Britain, members of the human family have great opportunities not available to other members of the animal kingdom. These privileges invoke noble obligations on each person to be benevolent toward less fortunate humans and animals (noblesse oblige). In humans, one of these obligations is to choose agape, discussed in this article.

Similar to recent events in England, members of the noble human family can choose to abdicate their royal station. Most social problems stem from humans choosing to abdicate agape toward their fellow man.


September 10

Being a Stoic means that you are already part of the solution for what is wrong in the world.


Stoicism is civic in nature. The Stoic School is an active member of the Waterford Area Chamber of Commerce.


Take Courage

"I rejoice that Providence deemed us worthy to be among those who saved civilization."