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On Virtue explores Stoicism in a new and refreshing way. Using material from Zeno of Citium and Epictetus, On Virtue explores how Stoicism can adapt to modern lifestyles in a manner that retains its timeless insights into the human condition. Most of all, On Virtue shares the depth of thinking on Stoic Virtue that has kept Stoicism relevant and profound for more than 23 centuries.




June 8, 2022

Where lies the good? In choice. Where evil? In choice. Where lies that which is neither good nor evil? In things that lie outside the sphere of choice.

Epictetus's Discourses 2.16.1

April 14, 2022

Until you know what judgement a person is acting upon in each case, neither praise his action nor blame it.


Discourses 4.8.3


March 11, 2022

Is there nothing in man comparable to a race in horses, by which it may be known which is better or worse? Is there no honor, fidelity, or justice? Show yourself the better in these, that you may be the better man.


Discourses 3.14.13, 14


In 152 BC The Stoic Crates of Mallus constructed the earliest known globe of Earth

How far have we come since then?


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