S T O I C   S C H O O L


The "Beginning Articles" are slightly modified excerpts from the introduction to our book "On Virtue," which we are publishing on September 22, 2020.


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Together we are doing this



1) Raise awareness of what it means to, "Know thyself" and what is necessary for human thriving

2) Provide our members quality education in ethics, in science, in vocational apprenticeships, and in the humanities

3) Preserve the ancient Stoic insights into human relationships and physics

4) Expand literacy and literacy in primary sources and literacy in the great ideas of civilization


5) Provide our members a corporate culture that makes them look forward to coming to work

6) Provide our members, throughout their careers, access to unparalleled support regarding extended families, end of life issues, unplanned pregnancies, single parenthood, foster children, and adoption

7) Cultivate temperance in our consumer consumption, our use and treatment of natural resources, and the workloads we expect from our employees or volunteers

8) Demonstrate remarkable hospitality to our neighbors and to our community


9) Protect marine and animal species and their habitats with stalwart tenderness that promotes and sustains their flourishing 

10) Facilitate the full health benefits of natural flora, fauna, and minerals

11) Research, develop, and deploy standard-setting solutions to clean water and sanitation

12) Innovate and deploy the next paradigm leap in crystal-clean energy


13) Produce city planning that is worthy of modern technologies and human relationships

14) Modernize civic infrastructure

15) Institutionalize equity under law in civil rights, flourishing ecological impact, and climate adaptation

16) Build strong partnerships to achieve our goals

The Stoic School is the oldest continuous institution in the world, and we have advocated from our beginning these goals in our practice of Cosmopolitanism and civic virtues and their resultant happiness (eudaimonia). We continue to combine ancient enlightenment with modern science to maximize individual flourishing, communal thriving, and harmony with Nature.

August 9

Stoic Cosmology has always taught a physics based on Conflagration. Today, advanced physics is taking a closer look at Stoic Cosmology due to its remarkable descriptions that seem to be describing plasma cosmology.


August 3

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June 28

When considering whether you want to change Stoicism, or invent a "modernized" Stoicism, examine yourself. What exactly is it you want to change about the School of Zeno, Cleanthes, and Chrysippus? Do you judge that modern times call for you to live out of harmony with Nature? Have your five senses told you that the information age calls you to govern your life by something other than love of wisdom? Do you judge by your own five senses that modern racial tensions can be eased by abandoning Stoic Cosmopolitanism, because you have somehow discovered that every human is NOT genetically related in a global familial relationship?


June 14

Who you are on the inside matters more than your outer appearance or what you do. If you are beautiful on the inside, whatever you do will be beautiful too. This is part of Leadership training. Beautify yourself and the world around you.


June 10

Remember how Zeno wrote, "What follows from love of wisdom is right reason, and what follows from right reason is one keeps himself from error."

Stoicism is Civic in Nature

The Stoic School is an active member of the Waterford Area Chamber of Commerce.


"The desire for and the affinity to virtue are not limited to men but also occur in women; for they, no less than men, are naturally pleased  by honorable and just actions and censure their opposites."

Musonius Rufus


“I made a prosperous voyage when I suffered shipwreck.”

Zeno of Citium


"Many love living a life of Wisdom less than making money off those who have."



The Irony of Fate

Academia proudly keeps alive its namesake - the Academy, founded by Plato. "Academy" traces its name back to a Greek hero - Academus, savior of Athens, which eventually killed Socrates. Perhaps predictably, many modern Academics continue to prop up Academia as an institution that kills the future lives of those who would live like Socrates.