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Advanced Analytical Stoicism for Today

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On Virtue explores modern Stoicism in an advanced and analytical way. Using material from Zeno of Citium and Epictetus, On Virtue explores how modern Stoicism can adapt to contemporary lifestyles in a manner that retains ancient Stoicism's timeless insights into the human condition. Most of all, On Virtue shares the depth of thinking on Stoic Virtue that has kept Stoicism modern and profound for more than 23 centuries.


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Stoic Quotes

November 26, 2023

If a thing is in your interest, it is also in my own interest ... We have neither successes nor setbacks as individuals; our lives have a common end.

Letters from a Stoic


Letter 48


November 19, 2023

Zeno holds that the wise person's chief strength is that he is careful not to be tricked and sees to it that he is not deceived.

From Cicero


Book 2.66


November 12, 2023

We should cherish old age and enjoy it. It is full of pleasure if you know how to use it. Fruit tastes most delicious just when its season is ending.


Letter 12


November 5, 2023

Drunkenness is nothing but a state of self-induced insanity.


Letter 83


October 29, 2023

What is death? Either a transition or an end. I am not afraid of coming to an end, this being the same as never having begun, nor of transition, for I shall never be in confinement quite so cramped anywhere else as I am here.


Letter 65


October 22, 2023

Zeno, defining the soul as the inborn pneuma [spiritus], teaches as follows: that which causes the death of the body when it departs [...] is the inborn pneuma.


On the Soul 5.3


October 15, 2023

Refusal to be influenced by one's body assures one's freedom.


Letter 65, paragraph 9


October 8, 2023

Of [the three areas of study], the principal and most urgent is that which has to do with the passions, for these are produced in no other way than by the disappointment of our desires and the incurring of our aversions.


Discourses 3.2.1, 3


October 1, 2023

We need to set our affections on some good person and keep them constantly before our eyes, so that we may live as if they were watching us.

Seneca (quoting Epicurus)

Letter to Lucilius 11


September 24, 2023

Only by exhibiting actions in harmony with the sound words which he has received will anyone be helped by philosophy.

Musonius Rufus

Lectures 1.6


September 17, 2023

As far as words go, do not shrink from sympathizing with him, and even, if the opportunity arises, from groaning with him; but be careful not to groan inwardly too.


Handbook 16


September 10, 2023

I should not be unfeeling as a statue.


Discourses 3.2.4


September 3, 2023

Nothing could be said to be living according to nature except the thing that demonstrates its virtue through the actions which it performs in accordance with its own nature.

Musonius Rufus

Lectures 17.1


August 27, 2023

Even in the mind of the wise man, a scar remains after the wound is quite healed.

Zeno of Citium

Quoted by Seneca

On Anger 1.16


August 20, 2023

The right way to seize a philosopher, Crates, is by the ears. Persuade me then and drag me off by them.

Zeno of Citium


August 13, 2023

Wellbeing is attained by little things and nevertheless is no little thing itself.

Zeno of Citium


August 6, 2023

Steel your sensibilities, so that life shall hurt you as little as possible.

Zeno of Citium


July 30, 2023

A bad feeling is a commotion of the mind repugnant to reason and against nature.

Zeno of Citium


July 23, 2023

We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say.

Zeno of Citium


July 16, 2023

He who does not prevent a sin, when he can, commands it.


The Tragedies


July 9, 2023

Without philosophy the mind is sickly.


The Moral Letters to Lucilius


July 2, 2023

Do not be like an instrument, which issues forth sweet sounds and yet never hears itself.



June 25, 2023

It is difficulties that show what men are.



June 18, 2023

Thou shalt not blame or flatter any.



June 11, 2023

Virtue alone affords everlasting and peace-giving joy; even if some obstacle arises, it is but like an intervening cloud, which floats beneath the sun but never prevails against it.


The Moral Letters to Lucilius


June 4, 2023

It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.


The Moral Letters to Lucilius


May 28, 2023

If one doesn't know his mistakes, he won't want to correct them.


The Moral Letters to Lucilius


May 21, 2023

What is wisdom? Always desiring the same things, and always refusing the same things.


The Moral Letters to Lucilius


May 14, 2023

Be not anxious to please the multitude.

Quintus Sextius


May 7, 2023

It is characteristic of a civilized and humane temperament not to respond to wrongs as a beast would and not to be implacable towards those who offend, but to provide them with a model of decent behavior.

Musonius Rufus

Lectures 10.6


April 30, 2023

It is not death, but a bad life, which destroys the soul.

Quintus Sextius


April 23, 2023

Accustom your soul, after it has conceived all that is great of divinity, to conceive something great of itself.

Quintus Sextius


April 16, 2023

The essence of good and evil is a certain disposition of the will.



April 9, 2023

Virtue alone keeps us from making errors in living.

Musonius Rufus

Lectures 2.1


April 2, 2023

I ask that you adhere to these principles and that you practice the words which you praise. In this way alone will you please me most and be most helped yourself.

Musonius Rufus

Lectures 8.12

To the king who praised Musonius's lecture and said to him, "In return for these things, demand whatever you want from me, for I would not refuse you anything."


March 26, 2023

Since it is Reason which shapes and regulates all other things, it ought not itself to be left in disorder.



March 19, 2023

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.



March 12, 2023

Neither death, nor exile, nor pain, nor anything of this kind is the real cause of our doing or not doing any action, but our inward opinions and principles.



March 5, 2023

A good judge condemns wrongful acts but does not hate them.

The Moral Essays



February 26, 2023

Man conquers the world by conquering himself.

Zeno of Citium


February 19, 2023

So what makes a human being beautiful? Must it not be the presence of a human being's excellence? If you for your part want to appear beautiful, young man, you should strive for this, the excellence that characterizes a human being.

Discourses of Epictetus 3.1.6, 7


February 12, 2023

A good intellect is the choir of divinity.

Quintus Sextius


February 5, 2023

It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.



January 29, 2023

Things it was hard to bear, it is pleasant to relate.



January 22, 2023

All the good are friends of each other.

Zeno of Citium


January 15, 2023

To live, indeed, is not in our power; but to live rightly is.

Quintus Sextius


January 8, 2023

It is the upright mind that holds true sovereignty.



January 1, 2023

If we do not refer each of our actions to some standard, we shall be acting at random; if to an improper standard, we shall fail utterly. There is a general and a particular standard. [...] The particular end relates to the occupation and choice of each individual.


Discourses 3.23.3-5


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In 152 BC, the Stoic Crates of Mallus constructed the earliest known globe of Earth. In the First Century, Epictetus located human good and evil within each person's "sphere of choice" (Discourses 1.4.2, 27; 2.16.1). The logo for the Stoic School represents Crates' globe as well as Epictetus' sphere. The straight lines in the middle divide the sphere into four sections representing the four cardinal virtues that make up one Virtue. Our logo is a symbol of global good through virtuous choices.