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S T O I C   S C H O O L


Good Health to You!

Zeno of Citum founded the Stoic School in 300 BC. Since then, the School continues to bequeath itself generationally as an intstitution with fidelity.

You are welcome to join us in experiencing what it means to not merely survive, but to thrive.

We can do this!

The Stoic School focuses on applied philosophy. We research and develop the goals of:

Goal  1: Raising awareness of what it means to, "Know thyself" and what is necessary for human thriving

Goal  2: Providing our members quality education in ethics, in science, in vocational apprenticeships, and in the humanities

Goal  3: Preserving the ancient Stoic insights into human relationships and physics

Goal  4: Making the keys to human happiness well-known

Goal  5: Providing our members a corporate culture that makes them look forward to coming to work

Goal  6: Providing our members, throughout their careers, access to unparalleled benefits and best opportunities regarding the effects of broken families, loss of parents, single parenthood, foster children, and more.

Goal  7: Cultivating Temperance in our consumer consumption, our use and treatment of natural resources, and the workloads we expect from our employees or volunteers

Goal  8: Demonstrating remarkable hospitality to our neighbors and to our community

Goal  9: Leading the protection of marine and animal species and their habitats with stalwart tenderness that promotes and sustains their flourishing

Goal 10: Discovering the full health benefits of natural flora, fauna, and minerals

Goal 11: Researching, developing, and deploying standard-setting solutions to clean water and sanitation

Goal 12: Innovating and deploying the next paradigm leap in crystal-clean energy

Goal 13: Producing city planning that is worthy of modern technologies and human relationships

Goal 14: Modernizing civic infrastructure

Goal 15: Institutionalizing equality under law in equal rights, flourishing ecological impact, and climate adaptation

Goal 16: Building strong partnerships to achieve our goals

The Stoic School is the oldest continuous institutions in the world, and we have advocated from our beginning these goals in our practices of Cosmopolitanism, Civic Virtues, and happiness (eudaimonia). We continue to combine ancient enlightenment with modern science to maximize individual flourishing, communal thriving, and harmony with Nature.

School News - April 3

(With a nod to the Loeb Classical Library of Harvard University Press)

sit bona librorum et provisae frugis in annum

copia, neu fluitem dubiae spe pendulus horae.


May I have a goodly supply of books and of food to last the year;

nor may I waver to and fro with the hopes of each uncertain hour.


Horace, Epistles 1.18.109–10

School News - 03/26

The Waterford Area Critical Thinking Meetup Group meetings are suspended until further notice. Governor Whitmer's declaration has led to the library's closing its meeting venues until further notice. We will post updates in this column. 

School News 03/24

Remember the Consolation of Philosophy of our Boethius. Confined to a room awaiting his mortality, Lady Philosophy appeared to him and drove out the Muses inspiring him to articulate his misery, saying, "Off with you, you Sirens! Your charms entice men to their destruction. Leave him to be tended and healed with the Muses that attend me." 

Wise men, still seek the same. Articulate Wisdom alone.

School News 03/13

Now is the time for Temperance for the healthy and Fortitude for the stricken.

School News March 8

Never forget the irony of Fate.

Academia proudly keeps alive its namesake - the Academy, founded by Plato. "Academy" traces its name back to a Greek hero - Academus, savior of Athens, which eventually killed Socrates. Perhaps predictably, many modern Academics continue to prop up Academia as an institution that kills the future lives of those who would live like Socrates.

School News March 7

Sharing our humanity is the answer to most of the world's problems. This practical approach of Stoicism is necessary for golden ages in culture and civilization.

“The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing, in so far as it stands ready against the accidental and the unforeseen, and is not apt to fall.”


"Many love living a life of Wisdom less than making money off those who have."