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Let's join forces, not merely to bring about wonderful things, but to bring them about in our time.


Stoicism is the Experience of Finding and Keeping What You've Been Seeking.

November 17

A Stoic is not knocked off balance by uncertainty in elections.


November 12

Take courage. If your heart is faint, you are not grasping the deeper realities. Govern your reason accordingly and feel the life in your body rejuvenate itself.


October 5

The world needs Stoicism now more than ever. If the pan-Stoic community pulls together, what would that look like? What would be worthy of such an alliance?

Stoicism is civic in nature. The Stoic School is an active member of the Waterford Area Chamber of Commerce.


Take Courage

In Stoic Physics, we refer to stress and strain. Stress is pressure exerted on a body. Strain is the deformation from the original shape of that body as a result of the stress placed upon it. To most persons, "deformation" usually conveys the idea of a bad thing.

However, in Stoic Psychology, we refer to stress and strain a little differently. Stress is the change in reasoning within a mind by externals. We call strain the reformation of one's reasoning. This is because the resulting effect of emotional strain can usually cause a positive change in a person. Governing one's reasoning by choice (prohairesis) during times of external stress will realign one's thinking into perceptions of greater realities than one could perceive prior to the stress.