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Contrary to popular belief, the Stoic School is alive and well. But, just as an oak tree looks different and is more useful than an acorn, the School today might surprise you.

The ancient insights of Zeno of Citium and his successors are more relevant today than ever before. Contact us to benefit yourself with ancient enlightenment and modern science in the quantum age.

Let's join forces, not merely to bring about wonderful things, but to bring them about in our time.

Stoicism is the Experience of Finding and Keeping What You've Been Seeking.

February 23, 2021

Now a man is not something that can be shown in the same way as a stone or a piece of wood, simply by pointing a finger; but when one shows what his judgments are, then one has shown what he is as a man.


Discourses, 3.2.12


February 2, 2021

There are a lot of questions about the Stoic view of giving assent or withholding assent. It sometimes helps to think about it as giving your heart away to somebody or not. With all the fake news and internet information, it is best to be careful what stories you give your heart to. It pretty much means the modern Stoic must keep from believing too much, if you don't have first hand information about something. Just as you wouldn't give your heart away to somebody you haven't met, you shouldn't give your assent away to easily to things you didn't experience yourself.


January 9, 2020

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, remember Epictetus: "Consider the things which you initially proposed. Then consider those things which you have managed to achieve and those which you have not. Then consider how it gives you pleasure to remember the former and pain to remember the latter. Then, if possible, recover the things that have slipped away from your grasp." Discourses, 3.25.1


Stoicism is civic in nature. The Stoic School is an active member of the Waterford Area Chamber of Commerce.


Take Courage

In Stoic Physics, we refer to stress and strain. Stress is pressure exerted on a body. Strain is the deformation from the original shape of that body as a result of the stress placed upon it. To most persons, "deformation" usually conveys the idea of a bad thing.

However, in Stoic Psychology, we refer to stress and strain a little differently. Stress is the change in reasoning within a mind by externals. We call strain the reformation of one's reasoning. This is because the resulting effect of emotional strain can usually cause a positive change in a person. Governing one's reasoning by choice (prohairesis) during times of external stress will realign one's thinking into perceptions of greater realities than one could perceive prior to the stress.