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Ongoing Study Regarding Interest and Reaction to Stoicism

Our aggregate data from 1996 to 2016 includes 143,977 persons interested in Stoicism in 18 nations. How we defined a Stoic and how the groups overlapped (for example how those who answered question 1 a certain way then answered question 2, or how persons in a particular nation answered a certain question, etc.) is also documented. Although more difficult to categorize, we also maintain the explanations for the "Other" answers. For most uses this summary is sufficient.

In Western nations, the answers are still identical within the margin of error. In non-Western nations, the answers vary dramatically into three groups.


Question 1)

Why are you interested in Stoicism?

We offered six possible answers:

            To deal with anxiety                                                                        30%

            For intellectual stimulation                                                              15%

            To deal with depression                                                                  25%

            To advance my career                                                                    13%

            To improve my personal relationships                                            12%

            Other, please briefly explain                                                             5%


Question 2)

How did you hear about Stoicism as a possible benefit in your life?

We offered six possible answers:                                                            

            Personal reading                                                                             24%

            The Stoic School                                                                             25%

            Online sites not including the Stoic School                                     26%

            College / university studies                                                               8%

            Personal contact with another student of Stoicism                           2%

            Other, please briefly explain                                                            15%


Question 3)

Did what you learned about Stoicism satisfy the reason for which you were interested in Stoicism?

We offered six possible answers:

            Completely                                                                                        40%

            Not at all                                                                                              2%

            Partially                                                                                              30%

            My circumstances changed so it became irrelevant                            3%

            I did not understand how Stoicism applied to my interest                   1%

            Other, please briefly explain                                                               24%


Question 4)

How did you incorporate what you understood about Stoicism into your life?

We offered six possible answers:

            I became a Stoic for life                                                                  12%

            I rejected Stoicism completely                                                          9%

            I adopted some ideas from Stoicism                                               22%

            I found it too high for me to attain                                                    31%

            I must study it more                                                                         24%

            Other, please briefly explain                                                              2%


Question 5)

What did you use as your primary authority regarding Stoic philosophy?

We offered six possible answers:

            College/University classes                                                             37%

            Various websites                                                                            18%

            Reading classical books                                                                  3%

            Reading books about classical books                                            16%

            The Stoic School                                                                             14%

            Other, please briefly explain                                                            12%