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Social Justice for Today, the Stoic Way

The primal duty of government is to praise the praiseworthy and to exercise wrath on the evil.

Nature mandates that government is for securing with fortitude the people’s prosperity and posterity, productively filling the earth, using the earth wisely, protecting animals justly, and requiring people to control themselves by praising the praiseworthy and by exercising wrath on the evil.

Secure the people’s prosperity

  1. The nation shall secure the right of national self-determination.
  2. The nation shall secure equality of rights for the people in its dealings with other nations in treaties.
  3. The immediate duty of the government is to provide a livelihood for its citizens and their progeny.
  4. Only citizens may vote.
  5. Only citizens may hold offices of authority.
  6. All citizens shall have equal rights and duties without regard to class.
  7. The first duty of each citizen is to perform physical or mental work.
  8. Incomes unearned by work are dishonest gain. Therefore, usury, speculation, war profiteering, and similar incomes shall be abolished.
  9. All large businesses shall have proportional profit-sharing with all workers.
  10. The nation shall grant as many contracts as possible to small businesses.
  11. Regulatory law and multiple-purpose legislation, which serve a materialistic world order, shall be replaced by a Roman Law system.
  12. To facilitate the creation of an objective media that benefits society:
    1. all editors and contributors to national media must be citizens; 
    2. only the national language may appear in media circulated in the nation; 
    3.  non-citizens shall be prohibited from participating financially in or influencing the media, and the penalty for violations shall be the suppression of any such media, and deportation of non-citizens involved at their expense.
  13. Publishing material which is not conducive to the national welfare shall be forbidden. All art and literature which corrupt the national strength or Western civilization shall be prosecuted.
  14. The nation shall guarantee freedom for all religious denominations in the nation, provided they neither threaten its existence nor offend the moral sensibilities of ethnic Westerners. The School combats anti-Western forces including but not limited to sharia and kabalistic materialism.
  15. The nation will achieve permanent health only from within based on the principle: The common interest before self-interest.
  16. The nation strictly forbids usury.

Secure the people’s posterity

  1. In harmony with the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States, only European posterity, whatever their creed, may be citizens of the nation, unless there is a special exception from the nation.
  2. Non-citizens are welcome as guests subject to laws for visitors.
  3. Only citizens who have completed the course of offices (the Stoic School's mos maiorum) and who have shown their competence and character may hold high offices.
  4. All non-European immigration shall be halted immediately.
  5. Activities of the individual must harmonize with the general good.
  6. All businesses shall be personal property, and any publicly-owned utilities will be nationalized with a clearly-defined individual absolutely accountable for the corporation’s activities.
  7. Retirees must have pensions that reflect the nation’s gratitude for their work for the common good and that allow them the time and resources to pass on their generational wisdom to the younger folk.
  8. The national educational system will prepare every able and hard-working citizen to support a family at the earliest age possible. The educational institutions shall give the student a living trade and the emotional and intellectual maturity to support a family by the time Nature provides them the biology to do so. This will include inculcating a love of Western civilization and the nation, as well as a way to add their permanent and unique contribution to Western civilization.
  9. The State shall protect the health of mothers and infants, prohibit child labor, provide for compulsory gymnastics and sports, and extensively support clubs engaged in the physical training of youth.
  10. The nation shall require universal conscription.

Fill the earth

  1. The nation shall guarantee adequate privatization of federal land to feed and settle surplus population.
  2. The nation shall use the 23 centuries of Western wisdom in planning cites that are works of art, that are prosperous, and that effectively, efficiently, and ethically secure the future of the people.

Sustainable use of earth

  1. There shall be no taxes on land. All speculation in land shall be banned, and any land obtained by unethical methods or used for purposes contrary to the general good shall be turned into public uses without compensation to the owner.
  2. The nation shall guarantee that ecosystems are benefited when affected by man.

Husbandry of animals, fish, and birds

  1. Cruelty to animals shall be a capital offense.
  2. The nation shall guarantee animal thriving especially when used for human benefit.

Capital offenses whether against animal or human shall receive capital punishment.

  1. Being so destructive to society, murderers, rapists, kidnappers, human traffickers, child abusers, animal abusers, usurers, drug dealers, traitors, internationalists, repeat criminals, and such ilk shall be removed from this earth, whatever their creed or race. The legal standard shall be strict liability.

We demand strong government for carrying out the laws with absolute accountability of leaders for their leadership.

To whom much is given much will be demanded. Those leading the nation shall have fewer vacations and shall work longer and harder hours than the citizenry.

The leaders of the Stoic School shall work tirelessly - if need be, to sacrifice their very lives - to bring this social justice into reality and to maintain it.