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Our ethos is our characteristic spirit in all we do; it is the Stoic School's corporate culture 

The Stoic School has always emphasized scientific discovery, because it is the only way society can live more and more in harmony with nature. As a result, we have discovered how to know yourself, how to understand the world, how you can grow stronger, how to wield your full potential in life, and how to create a lasting difference in the world.

One thing that makes us different from every other organization is that the Stoic School has an amazing history that enables us to speak from experience rather than only theory about what benefits individuals and communities the most. Some charities, think tanks, and policy makers that do not have a careful record of continuous social research and development since 300 BC resort to a life of trial and error that starts from scratch every generation. The Stoic School, on the other hand, has resolutely preserved the best practices from all times, all places, and all peoples in every one of our programs. 

Another thing that makes the Stoic School different from every other organization is the spirit we have in everything we do. It is our corporate culture. From ancient times the Stoic School has called this spirit or culture our ethos. In English, the Stoic School describes the spirit you will feel when you are around us with the acronym BEST. This acronym reminds our executives and project managers to continuously ensure every project harmonizes Business, Excellence, Synergy, and Technology. Our spirit for making a lasting difference and our corporate culture are why the Stoic School can be more effective, more efficient, and more ethical than anyone else in turning your support into the change you want to see in the world as quick as you want to see it.

Business Business includes making each program sustainable economically. Your donations are precious to us. Finances, materials, energy, and time are some of the valuable resources you trust us to turn into results. We make sure our project managers do more good with these resources than you could have done alone.

Excellence Excellence is harmonizing every part of a program in such a way that you see a result as close to perfection as human efforts can obtain.

Synergy Synergy means producing greater results than individuals could achieve if each acted independently. Program managers trained in wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice apply resources in ways that multiply efforts and produce uncanny accomplishment. Our fantastic productivity is only explained by how we have learned to use your support to tap into the unlimited energy of nature itself.

Technology Technology includes fully utilizing cutting-edge science new inventions that benefit the program. it also includes rejecting technology that does not improve the enterprise even if it is new.

Today, the secrets of sustainable development, harmony with nature, carfree cities, and urban prosperity are mysteries only for those who do not have a scientific record of what has worked and what has not worked throughout the past 23 centuries.

Once you feel our ethos you will know there is something supernatural about Stoicism!