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Our Culture

The culture of the Stoic School is imbued with:

  • Audi Alteram Partem. This phrase means, "Listen to the other side." A great deal of the discord in the West today is the increasing inability of people to hear the other side. The Stoic School teaches that a decision about another person's thinking is unjust unless you can faithfully articulate his reasons for his position on a matter.
  • Knowing the essence of a thing. Unfortunately, many who hate the West and many who love it cannot state the essence of Western Civilization in one word. The Stoic School teaches how to derive the essence of things and how to categorize them properly. This enables an individual to quickly know the individuality of a thing as well as its important similarities to other things.
  • Virtue. Virtue is a special kind of strength just as is virility. By Virtue the School taps into the strength to turn bad emotions into good ones and the vigor to effect good change in society.
  • Lack of bias. It is not the case that it is impossible for an individual to be unbiased. Lack of bias is a science and an art that comes from the 16 ways to recognize Truth. The Stoic School, like Western Civilization itself, is not Right or Left, Conservative or Liberal, etc. We recognize there is "a time for every affair under the Sun." For example, the West has embraced virtually every type of government at one time or another. From ancient Greece, where every city could have a different type of government, to Republican Rome, to Imperial Rome, to Feudalism, to Monarchies, and on and on, the School has seen when each kind of sovereignty makes sense and why. The School's culture practices this lack of bias in favor of the right answer for the right time in emotions, economies, and all important matters.