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Our Creed is a set of 21 legally-binding promises required of our executive officers and project managers to ensure the highest level of transparency, ethics, and accountability in the Stoic School.

I believe in the Universal Reason.

I believe in Universal Determinism.

I believe in Universal Providence.

I believe virtue is the end of mankind.

I believe that only what is honorable is good.

I believe that virtue is sufficient for happiness.

I believe that offenses are equal and good deeds are equal.

I believe that every fool is mad.

I believe that every wise man is free and every fool is a slave.

I believe that only the wise man is rich.

I believe in eternity.

I believe we are all His progeny.

I believe in erosophy.

I believe in premeditation of adversity.

I believe all things are of two types: that which I can control and that which I cannot.

I believe that all things beyond my control are indifferent.

I believe the sum of all things is to avoid disharmony with Nature and to seek harmony with the Primal Calls of nature, because this is the obligation to Nature of all humanity on earth.

I believe destructive emotions are errors in judgement about appearances.

I believe we are what we repeatedly do.

I believe virtue is harmony of the will with the very nature of Universal Reason, and I may partake of that nature.

I believe the Primal Calls of Nature for humanity are to create human thriving, to increase humanity wisely, to fill the earth justly, to utilize earth temperately, to exercise dominion magnanimously over all life on the earth, and to harmonize every thought with the Universal Reason of Nature.