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Introduction to the 8th Wonder of the World - Project GENESIS

What is Project Genesis?

Stoicism is a world outlook defined by strong action.

We have several projects, but the most enthusiastic one right now is Project GENESIS. Simply put, Project GENESIS will include a Stoic museum, a research and development center for Western civilization, the 8th Wonder of the world, and the capital of civilization.

Project GENESIS will permanently establish Western preeminence over its enemies.

Environmental Hallmarks for Project GENESIS:

  • Less than 16% of the campus will be used for buildings, sidewalks, etc.
  • Aquaponics will provide a major part of the food chain and the campus's water purification system.
  • New energy will power the entire campus.
  • Permaculture will preserve the local ecosystem.
  • All buildings are designed to be works of art.
  • Ample employment, socializing, shopping, and entertainment will be within walking distance of all homes.

The campus will research, apply, and develop:

  • Prosperous economies.
  • New energy and technology
  • Urban planning that helps society and ecosystems
  • Efficient and effective social services for single parents, crisis pregnancies, orphans, widows, and foster children
  • Economical, safe, comfortable, and efficient public transportation
  • Beautiful public areas
  • Effective and responsive local civic engagement
  • Unprecedented cultural creativity

We hope you'll join us!


Welcome to the home of the Eighth Wonder of the World - project genesis

The 8th Wonder of the World

            Antipater of Sidon wrote the first known list of seven wonders of the world. The Seven Wonders still stir modern hearts regardless of ethnicity, culture, religion, or technological background.

            Antipater of Sidon included a wall, two statues, a garden, two tombs, and a temple. Each Wonder demonstrated a focal point where a culture’s highest ideals came together with the practical realities of construction.  In this way, the Wonders are trophies earned by cultures that refused to give up on their dreams even after seeing the nearly overwhelming difficulty in making those dreams come true. Each Wonder is a gold medal reserved only for the champions in the contest of life on earth. Every group of people wrestles in this common contest between ideals and reality, but very few societies succeed in such a way that leaves the world in awe and wonder. Those select few are the Olympic champions of humanity.

            There is no reason we cannot surpass the Wonders of the past. They were people like us. They had feelings like us. They had disappointments and uncertainties just like us. Just like us, they each hit that wall where it seems impossible to hold onto dreams. Just like us, they knew they had to overcome pain to gain something wonderful. We are just like them. We have ideals. We have imagination.  We know we don’t have to give that up. We know we can create something wonderful.

            We know what the 8th Wonder will look like. It is already in us. It will look like our dreams. Some of our dreams are for a society that actually benefits the environment, communities built on a human scale rather than on a car-sized scale, buildings that are works of art, and neighborhoods that feel like home to us. We yearn for a culture that makes it easy to be healthy in mind and body. We wish for public areas that fill our life with humanity and melt away stress. We want a society that will wow us. Combining these dreams and a few others will produce our own Wonder that shows what it means to be us today and what today means to us. This is worthy of our dreams. This is worthy of our efforts. This is what we choose to do.

            We hope you’ll join us.