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The Pope is Wrong on Population

- by Seneca

Yesterday, Life Site News reported on a Vatican-run “Biological Extinction” workshop. One panelist, Peter Raven, was a highly-regarded environmentalist. Mr. Raven said in a press conference 1) earth is threatened by “overpopulation” and “we need a more limited number of people in the world” and 2) “the problem is one of inequality,” where the rich use more of the world’s resources than the poor.

Civilization trigger alert! All weak people and barbarians are warned to grab your emergency Play-Doh immediately! This is not a test.

Neither of Mr. Raven’s comments are thoughts from Western civilization. Let’s look at the facts.

Point #1

  1. Estimates of the earth’s population say there were approximately 7.4 billion people on the earth in 2016. Let’s round that up to 7.488 billion.
  2. The state of Texas has an area of 268, 597 square miles. That amounts to 7.488 trillion square feet.
  3. That means that every man, woman, and child on earth could stand in the state of Texas with 1,000 square feet of open space around them.

The next time you see a globe, look at Texas. Then think of every person on earth fitting into that area. Consider whether it looks to you like humans are overpopulating the earth and need to be reduced by six billion people. That is the way things seem to Dr. Paul Ehrlich. Dr. Ehrlich has gone on record as saying reducing earth’s population by about 6 billion people, would result in “an overall pro-life effect” that would “sustain many more lives in the long term.”

This is an example of what the West means by “madness” and “a disapproved mental state.”

Point #2

“The rich” in this case is a cowardly way of saying “Western civilization.” Here we go again – bash the West for its success. The fact is, being a strong civilization is a good thing, period.

Frankly, the West is the only civilization capable of using many of the world’s resources, because we alone have figured out science. That is a good thing. The West uses an unequal amount of resources making solar panels, sanitation systems, medicine, protecting third-world countries from genocidal tyrants, and on and on ad infinitum. Yet, per Peter Raven on the Vatican workshop’s panel, the West’s massive use of earth’s resources “is a problem.”

This is what the civilized world calls a disapproved mental state. A madness has descended upon Mr. Raven, and whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

Facts for a Candid World

The Stoic School is pro procreation. The birth of a Western child is a naturally good thing. Just think of the natural joy that takes over when the birth pangs stop.

There is not an overpopulation problem when all the people on earth can fit in the state of Texas with plenty of room to spare. The West is a mature civilization and deserves to grow rapidly; OF COURSE, a mature civilization naturally consumes more resources than infantile cultures.

Don’t get suckered by the Chicken Little crowd that keep screaming, “The sky is falling! A piece of it hit me on my head.” Do not be so easily fooled. Look at the positive side of things. If the chickens don't lay good eggs, they are still good as stewing chickens.

The Stoic School helps keep Western civilization sane and positive. Now let's keep on winning.

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I Agree 100% with Sophie e Shapira and besides what they said, we would have streets for transportantion and parking, schools, markets, shops, gardens, hospital, police station and lot more things that I forgot!


Regarding point 1 --- 1000 feet may be enough to just stand there without feeling crowded in -- but that doesn't mean it's enough to _sustain_ someone. The carbon-dioxide we exhale needs to be recycled into new oxygen for us to breathe. We also need to have our food from somewhere and that takes space - not just the space of the farm itself, but of the ecosystem that makes the farm possible. And we haven't factored in any of our energy needs.

Regarding point 2 --- Pointing out inequality isn't a code for condemning the West as you suggest. Even within the United States, extreme inequality exists. If I'm not mistaken, the more-concentrated half of the American income goes to less than one percent of all Americans. That's way more disparity than differences in smarts, hard work, and even an acceptable margin of luck combined can account for.