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Stoicism Alone is a Complete World View

- by Cicero

The Stoic School has always taught a complete world view. It teaches the best way to face any circumstance in human life.

Individuals practicing Stoicism can know themselves completely, they can understand the world and society around them, they can tap into the very forces of Nature, and they become able to change the world around them in lasting and spectacular ways. For centuries, the Stoic School has summarized this process with a phrase that is best translated into English as, “Turn on. Tune in. Grow strong. Make change.”

Stoicism teaches that all lessons for life are clearly seen from Nature. The laws of Nature are omnipotent. They are also impartial, so when a person goes against a law of Nature they damage themselves whether the person acted intentionally or by mistake. This is the meaning of our phrase, “natura non contristatur,” which means, “nature is not saddened.”

Being a complete world view, Stoicism answers why there is so much division in the Western world of politics today. Stoicism is very different than any political party. No political organization gives a harmonious approach to social justice, racism, health, economics, foreign policy, education, gender issues, religious devotion, and all other areas of human life.

A byproduct of learning a complete world view is that, whatever a person’s background, everyone learning Stoicism will be shocked by many things. A wise person will continue learning and will soon see the truth that all we teach fits together in an obvious way. All students of the Stoic School reach this “aha!” moment. It is like scientists learning new truths that upset what they believed before. Nevertheless, scientists accept new truths such as the theory of relativity, calculus, the movement of the earth, and everything else. Similarly, a person considering Stoicism is best served by looking at the proof of each piece and how each piece unmistakably fits together with all the other pieces to form a truthful mosaic of the whole of human life.

Stoicism is keenly needed today in the West. The turmoil in politics produces riots, murders, tears, hatred, and anguish. The Stoic School trains all how to turn negative emotions into serenity and strength. It does not teach emotionlessness. It teaches emotional thriving.

Regarding political life, Stoicism is not Republican or Democrat or Libertarian or Green. It is not Left or Right or in the middle. Stoicism is on a different axis all together that transcends Western politics as they exist today. Therefore, Stoicism is the answer today. The current parties and system have produced gangrene in the Western body politic; the Stoic School alone reveals what is necessary for all parts of society to unite in healthy bonds of friendship where each part helps each other part and is itself helped by all the other parts.

The Stoic School has always been the chaperone, mentor, and champion of the West. It will always be the chaperone, mentor, and champion of Western Civilization.

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