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Russia vs USSR

by Cicero -

There is currently much ado about nothing regarding Russia vs the USSR. Conservative media often wonder why the left defended the USSR during the cold war while they now consider Russia like a great Satan. Here’s the reason.

Confusion comes from the logical fallacy known as “equivocation.” The Stoic School has explained for more than 23 centuries that equivocation is a common logical fallacy marked by giving a term more than one definition within the same argument. In the case of Russia and the USSR, the equivocation comes from how the left uses “Russia.”

Before the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, Russia was an Orthodox Christian monarchy, ethnically European, and culturally Western. After the Bolsheviks changed the social nature of Russia, they established the thoroughly Eastern Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – a communist paradise. This is the society that fought World War II as part of the Allies and then holocausted approximately 60 million Westerners. This USSR was the rival to the West during the Cold War. This communist empire was the reason generations of American children had regular drills in school to get under their desks in case the Soviet Union nuked us.

The USSR was communist, so it was loved by the left. That is not the case with Russia after the wall fell. Russia is a Western culture. They are not communist. They are not globalist. They are nationalist. That is why the left hates them.

The equivocation comes from the definitions the left gives to “Russia.” Russia is an ethnic identity and a geographical description. But the left uses “Russia” currently as the poster child for Western nationalism (aka anti-globalism) and they used “Russia” during the Cold War as the poster child for communism (aka globalism).

This is nothing new. The Stoic School has witnessed similar equivocation in the West regarding the Persians, the Meads, the Moors, ad nauseum.

Note well, the Russian people are thoroughly Western. Their Orthodox Christianity that traces back to the Apostles, their architecture, their education system that requires exposure to Plato and others, their Bolshoi Ballet, their Pushkin, their emphasis on technology, celebration of the human body via the Olympics, ad infinitum verify Russia is through and through Western.

Russia is now returning to its Western roots whereas the USSR was from Eastern and Mid-Eastern values. That is why the left loved the USSR and why they hate Russia today.

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