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On Judge Roy Moore

- by Cicero

It is clear to anyone honest that Roy Moore is a person of integrity in that he sticks to his values even when it might hurt his fortune or sacred reputation.

Now, let’s discuss whether America is committed to the rule of law or not.

1) Apparently, only the allegations about a 14-year-old girl would involve anything illegal. Many find a 30-something-year-old man dating a 16-year-old-girl repugnant. Nevertheless, we are a nation of laws, and if the law allows that girl to consent and a man of that greater age to pursue her, that means the people of that state do not agree that it is repugnant. We go down a very dangerous path nationally, when we begin to crucify people for doing something legal.

2) Any inconsistencies in Roy Moore’s comments are not under oath. The media often succumb to the arrogance that everybody needs to tell them everything about their life even if it was 40 years ago and they are not proud of it and they have changed their ways for the past 30 years or so. The media is not the Constitutional forum where citizens must tell the most painful things in their life to the public, thank God. America has decided that forum is our judicial system where Mr. Moore can face his accusers, and both parties are put under legally binding oaths to God to tell the whole truth, etc. Isn’t that the kind of society we all want to live in? The media has no claim to that sacred information. The First Amendment freedom of speech is completely different from the Article III jurisprudence and the judicial systems of the several states. Please remember, neither Mr. Moore nor his accusers have said anything under oath. A word to the wise is enough.

3) Please consider the crowd trying to burn Mr. Moore at the stake. McCain, McConnell, Shumer, the DNC, establishment RNC, and others who are under investigation for current ongoing high crimes constitute a crowd that should give the intellectually honest pause. There are critical times in a nation’s history when the continuation of freedom outweighs things one individual did once or twice 40 years ago. In other words, will the other senatorial candidate do better for America in DC? Isn’t the choice of who will represent Alabama in the US Senate entirely and only up to the people of Alabama? America has committed itself to an affirmative answer to that question. When politicians or media from outside of Alabama try to decide who should represent Alabama in Washington, wise people see a red flag – a big Marxist red flag. This is not like the Left’s, “the end justifies the means.” This is what American culture and the philosophy of Stoicism talk about as forgiveness. Crucifying a person for what they have not done for 40 years is merciless and unforgiving, and the West’s Sacred Bible as well as Stoic texts teach that we will be forgiven as we forgive others, particularly when no law was broken, but also even when laws might have been. American laws codify this concept via statutes of limitation.

The West has developed a very good systematic method to get to the bottom of corruption, vice, and slander. It is nothing new that people have tried to use our political offices for vice. The West is the best in adjudicating these important issues. For more than 23 centuries, the free West has been the best in overcoming these things successfully. What we have developed is a judicial system that works amazingly well almost all the time. The Stoic School continues to refine the process, but the West’s judicial system is the best among mankind even now, although it can improve.

A word to the wise: the media is not the forum for criminal justice. The judicial system is fully competent to sort these things out. One might pause and give thought to why none of the accusers of Mr. Moore have filed law suits in our judicial system. Things that make you go hmm … 

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