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On Censorship

- by Cicero

For more than 23 centuries, the Stoic School and Western civilization have stood firmly against censorship of ideas, regardless of the popularity or wisdom of those ideas. Recently, however, Western nations are condoning Marxist censorship of Western ideas with which they disapprove. This includes the shutdown of the Daily Stormer website, the Storm Front website, and the financial transactions of former Louisiana State Representative Dr. David Duke’s website. The list will grow geometrically.

The powers that be are not trying to silence the Dalai Lama, ISIS websites, BLM, or pedophile websites. Predictably, the censors stoke their bonfires only with pro-Western ideas.

What can our people do? There is understandable disappointment and fatigue at fighting Marxism for 100 years. So, what can Westerners do?

We can act like men!

The greater the labor required to defeat the enemy, the greater will be the glory for the heroes that triumph. Days are coming when future generations will curse the fact that Nature did not let them fight for any of the glory offered to us. Grandchildren and greatgrandchildren of those now alive will sit at the knee of the heroes walking today to hear again and again how you earned every bruise and scar to give them such a glorious nation, in which they are eternally grateful simply to have been born.

Act like men! Strengthen your mind and will.

Stand firm and grow mighty! Strength, might, power – they all are part of Virtue. Virtue comes from the Latin virtus, which means strength. We will prove ourselves men of Virtue and we will prove the Marxists mobs of vice.

As for immediate tactics, our people will triumph By All Legal Means (BALM).

First, our people who have been wronged should pursue legal suits and constantly mention how to contribute to a well-supervised legal fund. Contrary to popular belief, Whites ARE a federally protected class. Civil Rights legislation and the Constitution prohibit discrimination based on race, not merely discrimination against minorities. Federal courts have a growing body of precedent against reverse discrimination. This is an opportunity to capitalize on that judicial momentum. As more of our people might soon begin to realize, the recent censorship has all the marks of a landmark legal case.

The shutting down of websites and financial transactions present amazing legal issues. Of course, there is civil law, theft of intellectual property, trespass to chattels, etc. However, by another legal means, the civil rights violations should be exploited.

Whether you agree or disagree with Daily Stormer, Storm Front, or Dr. Duke is not the point. (However, before you agreed or disagreed with any of them, did you listen to their ideas for a considerable time? If not, how else could you be making a rational decision?)

What is the masculine reaction to censorship of this nature?  

Fight back By All Legal Means.

First Amendment

The right peaceably to assemble in the digital age and the right to freedom of speech is being violated.

Fourth Amendment

Intellectual property and financial income is being deprived without due process of law.

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

To enlist the finances and resources of others, it would be wise to request investigations from appropriate state and federal prosecutors under RICO and similar statutes regarding the SPLC, the law firm that wrote the letter to the company that served Storm Front, the company shutting down credit card transactions, etc. Choose a sympathetic venue at the district and appellate level.

Class Action

To enlist the support of a law firm with great resources, consider asking about filing as a Class action suit. Similar to how the left has multiplied its legal impact by having an organization seek judicial standing on behalf of all its members, each of our people has a case and controversy regarding this censorship, which can be represented by Daily Stormer, Storm Front, and/or Dr. Duke’s organization. Who is to say it is not for just such a moment that these organizations have worked so hard to survive?

Commerce Clause

Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 of the US Constitution states that Congress has the power to regulate interstate commerce, which internet credit card transactions certainly are. Terminating websites that generate income from hits and stopping credit card transactions is a violation of precedent regarding the Commerce Clause. A private entity such as a credit card processor or a website host cannot impede interstate commerce.

Civil rights cases have the potential for massive awards due to the judiciary’s desire to prevent other organizations from violating civil rights. Also, the publicity of a civil rights action, while costly and taking a long time, is itself a victory. It will help to unify our people, and to have our people and the cause in the mainstream consciousness for such a long time is a gift dropped by fate into our laps. Finally, this has all the marks of a landmark legal decision for free speech and freedom of assembly in the digital age that will be studied in law schools for a century or more.

It is paramount that the victims of this censorship continually mention how to contribute to an organized, well-supervised legal fund. Let our people know how to help the cause.

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