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Virtue is Strength

If you had to define virtue in one word it would be “strength.” In English we use the same root word when we say virility. Virility means a special kind of power. So does virtue.

The Stoic School teaches that strength is a good thing. This is basic to human nature and Nature in general. Nature rewards the strongest in a species with survival and progeny. Nature is a place of struggle. The earth is a place where all animals must exert constant activity to live and must exercise great strength to get ahead. Those who lose their energy fall behind and perish. 

Human society also rewards athletes of great strength or speed. You don’t find yourself wishing you were weaker, do you? 

But, the Stoic School teaches about a strength more powerful than muscles.

First, think about an army. History shows that the most athletic soldiers do not always win. A smaller army with better strategy and equipment often defeats a larger force. Why? Second, a runner or boxer who has beaten a certain opponent previously might lose to him during the Olympics because the opponent trained harder and kept a stricter diet. Third, a weaker army can rout a greater one when the stronger flees the battle field.  Fourth, The ancient play The Suppliants by Euripides illustrates a special kind of power. In the play, the women have no physical power to retrieve the bodies of their dead loved ones who were killed in a battle, because the victors wanted them to rot in the open and be eaten by animals, so what mysterious strength empowered the mothers, wives, and daughters to win?

Our cultural grandparents called the first kind of strength “Wisdom,” the second “Temperance,” the third “Courage,” and the fourth “Justice.”

1) Wisdom is “being smart,” “thinking things through,” “making good decisions.” 

2) Temperance is self-control, self-discipline, and the ability to choose the difficult path that is good rather than the easy paths that are bad.

3) Courage means fortitude, bravery in the face of danger and pain, and risking personal safety, wealth, and reputation in the interest of something more noble.

4) Justice is doing the right thing, recognizing a higher morality than even human laws, and successfully harmonizing with Nature rather than only reading and talking about it.

The Stoic School teaches that the purpose of human life is Virtue. 

Even in human society, Nature requires constant energy to live, to be healthy, to be wise, to control yourself, to be brave, and to be fair to all.

An evidence that Nature intends mankind to be virtuous is that Nature gave humanity the potential for all these strengths. We know of no other creatures with the potential to develop the four Cardinal Virtues as we mean them here. Nature has attributes that can only be understood by those who practice wisdom, temperance, courage, and justice. We live in Nature more and more only as we grow in Virtue more and more. 

Another indication that Virtue is our purpose in life is that virtues bind us in stronger friendship with our fellow citizens, our friends, and our family. We are political animals. Nature provides no other species with a social structure anything like human society. There are no other species with commerce, technology, musical instruments, clothing, conversations, etc. anything like human society. But, along with our need to socialize in our uniquely human way, we see that virtue is what binds us together in the bonds of good faith necessary to produce thriving human societies. Individuals who practice Virtue are bound with their friends in stronger bonds of friendship and are praiseworthy among their countrymen. Those who practice vice suffer in their public and private relationships.

We call Wisdom, Temperance, Courage, and Justice the Cardinal Virtues. They remind us of the cardinal directions North, South, East, and West. With only four directions you can get from wherever you are to wherever you need to be in two-dimensional space.  In life, you need a different dimension of directions – virtues.

With the Cardinal Virtues, you can get from any circumstance you are in to where you need to be. The four virtues form a coordinate system that surely navigates you through your entire life, with “magnetic north” being the Good. Whatever crisis or reversal befalls you, the way to maintain happiness and to get where you need to be is always a combination of these four virtues.

The mother of all the virtues is Gratitude. All virtues are a combination of Wisdom, Temperance, Courage, and Justice, and those Cardinal Virtues come from Gratitude. Wisdom, Temperance, Courage, and Justice are the natural response to gratitude for what Nature has done for us, what our friends have done for us, and what our country has done for us.

More on Censorship

- by Cicero

The previous post discussed resisting attacks on free speech

This post addresses offense. These tactics are legal means that are proactive; they keep opponents of Western civilization guessing, off balance, and, over time, weary.

Neither post reveals the most effective, efficient, and ethical tactics, so as not to give any advantage to our opponents. But, both posts give the basics needed to begin a campaign of inevitable victory.


A movement needs a capital under its complete control. The cause must choose a location, a property, a town, etc. that is our citadel. The capital or headquarters must be a place to which our people can muster significant numbers of supporters on short notice and where it is difficult for the other side to do so. It must also be a place hospitable to the media.

As it is today, the free-speech side is going into enemy territory. With a capital, the free-speech side will be able to unify, organize, and train our people for more successful campaigns into the heart of enemy territory. A massive number of Americans are waiting for the right time to support the cause. For many, that time will be when they see sufficient strength and numbers, which will come with a capital and the unity, order, and training that comes from a suitable capital.

Until a capital is established, it is still vital to have rallies and improve them with what we learn.

We must build our own internet service provider. It only requires a few thousand dollars and a couple talented members. It will generate significant revenue.

Prepare the battle field

Currently it is best to choose private venues for free speech rallies. Renting a building or renting a property from a member of the cause gives our people possessory legal rights to control who can enter and allows our people to set up effective defensive measures. The venue must always be easily accessible to media.

A private venue will also allow members to contribute to the rent. It is important to allow Western people to see clearly how they may be a part of the cause even if they cannot attend a rally.

Have a collection or 50/50 raffle for charity or another cause related to free speech.


The point of a free speech rally is to communicate a message. The clearest communication comes from engaging as many of the senses as possible. Looking at raw video of our people at the rallies, it is often difficult to tell what is going on. Here are some things that will get the message out more clearly.

  • Sight: Have US and state flags. Have one or two flags per fireteam-sized group. A rally of two companies could have every state flag. Flag poles should be adequate as defensive devices. Signs should have simple messages clearly written in high-contrast colors so they are easily intelligible in any pictures or videos of the event. Sincere messages such as, “I am glad your mother did not abort you,” “You exist because of a man and a woman,” “I defend your right to free speech,” etc. as current events dictate and local officers decide are the most effective. Every squad-sized group should have a communications officer to record video of all important images and discussions. As soon as possible, the recordings of all communications officers should be collated, archived, edited, and uploaded to the internet with meaningful narration for legal and promotional purposes.
  • Sound: Each squad should have two or more bull horns to ensure our message to spectators of good faith is not shouted down. Rallies of more than company size should have a loudspeaker in a strategic and defensible location to broadcast a mix of messages and inspiring music.
  • Smell: Several iconic smells should take turns dominating the area. For example, a barbecue could follow select incense that could follow the smell of Tiki Torch oil, or popcorn cooking that can be passed out to spectators. Other uses of smell have a profound subconscious influence.
  • Taste: Rallies will benefit from having some refreshments to pass out to spectators of good faith. Fresh fruit, vegan samples, popcorn, ice-cold bottled water, energy bars, etc. are inexpensive ways of making significant impacts.
  • Touch: As members unite and rallies grow, it is good to have large tents with seating in the shade when the weather is hot. Portable lavatories are an important tool for us as well. This is part of the plan to fatigue the other side while refreshing our people and spectators of good will. The tent area is the field command center and is the place for media interviews and offers shelter from rain. This only works when we can control access to the tent and toilets. Each squad should have at least one person offering fliers and business cards to any spectators and members of the media; the material should give simple messages and direct traffic to appropriate websites.


Every event must be documented as soon as possible after the event. The documentation should include a chronology of first-hand accounts, all of the video and audio recordings, and what went well and what went poorly.


As soon as possible after the debriefing, the captains should reorganize as needed after considering the feedback from the fire teams and the squad leaders. Before the next rally, our people should be trained in harmony with the accumulated intelligence from prior rallies.

The overarching focus is harmonizing each rally with a greater strategy to continually strengthen our side and to continually weaken the opponent. We CAN impose our will, because we are working with Nature’s laws such as Justice, Wisdom, Courage, and Temperance. The victory is there for us to seize, but it will cost blood and sweat. It will cost strong minds and unyielding Virtue. We would not expect a smaller price for such a great glory as preserving freedom of speech and conscience that Nature offers to you and me right now.

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