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For Business Prosperity, the West is Best

- by Seneca the Younger

Western civilization is not locked into strict capitalism or socialism or any other economic system.

The reason is that Western civilization has a more humane system of doing whatever works during the current times.

For example, Greek city states had every conceivable form of government. Athens adopted economic policies by democratic systems. Sparta was a military dictatorship where the elite ruling class determined who could become wealthy and who would be condemned to poverty. Nevertheless, all the Greek city states are part of the Western experience. We learn from what they did.

Rome is similar. During the Republican period, Rome had a great deal of upward mobility economically. Even during the Imperial period, Rome had avenues for a slave to become the emperor. Again, Western civilization adapted to the crises of the time in ways that rewarded those who had fortitude and wisdom with great prosperity.

After the fall of Rome, the West went through the Dark Ages. Western civilization created the feudal system. This provided a stable economic system that led to the merchant class that pulled Western civilization into the opulent Renaissance.

The West came out of the Renaissance with a uniform system of Monarchy. This worked for the times, but around 1776, the West developed Democracy as the most suited system for politics and economics at that time.

Now, the West is faced with new challenges. The economic challenges require another new approach. This is what the West does best. The Stoic School Institute has detailed, personal records of what has worked and what has failed in the West. Today is following a consistent pattern. To find out how to prosper during today’s economic crisis, look to the past, look to the future, look to the Stoic School Institute.

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