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Are You Being CAINED to Death?

by Marcus Aurelius

On May 5, 1994, the Western world was in an uproar over 18-year old American citizen Michael P. Fay. Mr. Fay  had pleaded guilty in Singapore to vandalizing cars and stealing street signs. Singapore sentenced Mr. Fay to four strokes from a cane. Caning is a routine form of punishment in Singapore. However, the Western media was up in arms about how barbaric caning was. Nevertheless, the authorities in Singapore caned Mr. Fay on May 5.

About two months later, the New York Times reported that the caning of only four strokes caused Mr. Fay flowing blood and permanent scars

The caning event showed a clear division between East and West in their different attitudes toward corporal punishment. But, if you change the spelling of caned slightly, you will get a much more important insight into a barbaric attack on Western Civilization today that comes from Eastern thinkers.

If you spell the word CAINED,

C stands for Censorship,

A stands for Arts,

I stands for Institutions,

N stands for Nagging,

E stands for Education, and

D stands for Diversity.

These six tactics are part of a conscious strategy to destroy Western Civilization. The individuals behind this strategy are primarily from Eastern cultures, and they have written openly about their intentions to eliminate the West. If you follow the Stoic School, you have already seen this proof. If you continue to follow the Stoic School, you will see in a short time the proof of how openly this strategy against the West is being deployed.

Censorship –  the effort to control what people in the West can and cannot say. This is the opposite of Western attitudes toward speech and access to information. The East, on the other hand, has an ancient and modern history of mind and speech control.

Art – the effort to corrupt the Western concept of art. For 26 centuries or so, the West has advocated a consistent view that art is not completely in the eye of the beholder. Western art is mostly objective, because it is an icon of the Good. It shows the highest of human achievement, rather than crucifixes in urine and other objects painful to see.

Institutions – the tactic of infiltrating the civic institutions of Western civilization to corrupt them. The family structure, sexual relationships, the court system, universities, media, political parties, churches, the military, social clubs, and others have all been targeted for transformation into something non-Western. This is because the individuals behind this overall strategy believe that the time-honored institutions of our civilization are the engines generating Western civilization.

Nagging – the incessant nagging or complaining that is the opposite of the Western ideal of strong men and women conquering life's problems and reversals with fortitude and temperance. Marxists like to call interminable nagging “critical thinking.” This is not, however, the higher thinking ability that allows Westerners to evaluate opposing points of view and to choose the most virtuous course of conduct. This nagging is like the most negative, mean-spirited, non-stop complainer you have ever come across. This tactic is seen in those that tear down anything Western – from its heroes to its piety and everything in between.

Economy – the assault on the economic power of the West. Eastern thinkers are envious of Western wealth, and if they can’t have it, they want to destroy it.

Diversity – the kind of diversity that only the West is pressured to adopt.

Forewarned is forearmed. We have been the champion of Western civilization for over 23 centuries, so we can assure you that the West will keep advancing – if you choose to do what works. This blog is all about what works. Don’t miss a post, and you will get a new lease on life. 

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