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A Similarity Between the Left and the Right

- by Marcus Aurelius

A fatal flaw in both the Left and the Right is their credulity toward human nature. Both sides are unreasonably biased to trust those unworthy of the public trust. The irony is that each side is credulous toward a different class of society. This is the cause of the West’s constant internal turmoil.

The Right distrusts the government. “Power corrupts.” They busy themselves in putting shackles on government so that it does not become tyrannical. However, they put astonishing trust in private business. “The love of money is the source of all sorts of evil,” is not a common phrase for the Right.

On the other hand, the Left distrusts the industrialists and “1 percenters.” They busy themselves in regulating the wealthy so they “pay their fair share,” etc. However, they put nearly blind trust in government to keep business in line.

The fact is, both the Left and the Right are half-wits. They both see the fallibility of human nature to dominate others to their injury, but both are blind to selective groups of humanity as if their pet groups were saints, but the groups they don’t like are demons. Now, someone who has been around longer than anybody, such as the Stoic School, sees that the weakness is in human nature; it is not inherent in the business world or the political arena. It is not business or politics that deserve eternal vigilance; human nature itself deserves constant scrutiny.

Western civilization demonstrates how to deal with human nature as it is and still move civilization forward to amazing achievement. A major part of how to do that is mandatory restraints on and scrutiny of all who affect society. Politicians, business leaders, judges, lawyers, doctors, and everybody else deserve unrelenting oversight. We call this “accountability,” and only leaders eager to be held accountable for their actions are worthy of leading a free people. Believing otherwise is the gullibility of half-wits.

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