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What is the Essence of Western Civilization? (5 of 6)

- by Kelly Kinkade

Your purpose in life is that need in Nature that made it necessary for Nature to bring you into existence. That means you are uniquely equipped by Nature to fill an important need; it also means that if you do not fulfill that vital need, you are fighting against the forces of Nature; and you will damage yourself severely, making your life much harder. You will be out of place in the world and will feel awkward in life.

Here’s a good way to look at it: a machinist makes each tool for a reason, and it is that reason that brings that idea of a hammer into the physical world; the need to drive nails ends up creating a physical hammer.

And that means a hammer is uniquely equipped to fill the important need of driving nails; it also means that if a hammer decided, “Driving nails is for suckers; I’m gonna saw wood instead,” it would be fighting against the very forces that brought it into the world; and the hammer would cause its own destruction, because what does a factory do if it produces a hammer that, for some reason, never drives a nail right? They throw it away and make a better one, don’t they? Nature is similarly severe with us and our purpose.

Man’s purpose is virtue. Virtue is what you and I are uniquely equipped by Nature to do that no other animal can do; and you put yourself at odds with Nature when you do not do virtue. Virtue is unlimited strength. Our ancestors called it virtue, because the Latin word for virtue means strength.

Can’t you feel that Nature made you to be strong? Look into yourself for a second. You want to be strong, energetic, healthy, happy to be alive, right? You don’t find yourself awake at night wishing you were weaker, do you? You don’t find yourself online trying to find a way to make yourself more exhausted and more ill, do you? It’s absurd, isn’t it?

So, regarding strength, the first amazing fact our relatives noticed about strength was that human strength must include more than physical power, like big muscles. Some soldiers who were stronger or faster than the others would flee the battlefield when the barbarians seemed to start getting the upper hand.

Related to this, our forefathers noticed that some of the strongest Olympians came to early deaths, because they took unnecessary risks with their lives in things like extreme sports. When an athletic person fled his duty or came to an early death, he exercised less physical influence in this world than those he left behind.

The weaker or slower soldiers were able to do more work than the more muscular ones. But, how could that be?

The second amazing fact that our ancestors noticed was that in every way they were strong, animals were stronger. Dogs ran faster, dolphins swam faster, oxen pulled more, and birds could fly, showing a mystical strength that nature banned for man. Yet man captured and used all of these animals to serve man, never the other way around. So they wondered what was this secret power that Nature gave man and banned from animals?

Well, the strength Nature gave only to man is direct access to the forces of Nature’s laws. A good thing to know about yourself is how you can access this unlimited strength deep inside you.

The final article in this series will show you how to access your full potential energy by influencing the very laws of Nature, because ancestors you did not even know about wrote all of it down to make sure you could access this power of Nature called VIRTUE.

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