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Take Courage

- by Kelly Kinkade

When life reverses your fortune or knocks you off balance, remember what you are. 

Imbued in your matter and energy is Universal Reason - the omnipotent creative force that orchestrates the Cosmos. 

If you have any hesitation in reminiscing this, recall when you wrestled or danced or played music or when you observed intently any of these things. It is clear that our cells and mind have a mind of their own. Simply look at musicians that perform works that are beyond human consciousness. There is a second mind that performs a great deal of the music without the need of the musician to consciously think of every note. Many call this "body memory." The Stoic School calls it using our conscious mind to develop Right Reason, which allows us to harmonize with a higher rationality that brings us into harmony with the very forces of Nature, which act as a second mind similar to how geometry harmonizes with Nature's laws and makes buildings more stable, enduring, and beautiful. That second mind is Universal Reason, and it did not produce a weak thing, it made you - a thing perfectly able and ready to harmonize with whatever the rest of Universal Reason puts upon you. For example, what one person considers oppressive gravity is also what makes arches so strong.

Eventually, you can allow indestructible Universal Reason into yourself by practicing Right Reason.Then you will know victorious happiness.

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