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On the Recent Hurricanes

- by Alexander Engel

Regarding the recent hurricanes in America, the Stoic School has been very busy. As a proconsul, I have been assigned duties regarding our communities that have been affected by the storms. All affected Stoic communities are present and accounted for. We continue to support members affected by the weather.

Our support includes material necessities such as nutritional food, comfortable and secure long-term housing, high-tech generators, fuel, durable clothing, free transportation, employment assistance, and plenty of crystal clear water. The School’s support also includes philosophical assistance including grief fortitude, emotional self-care, civic life in crisis environments, and wise consideration of relocating residences outside of natural disaster zones. Other parts of the Stoic School’s assistance to Stoics and their neighbors include organizational and logistical support to help entire communities unite, defend their families and property, and access federal and local assistance as well as insurance processing.

We have sent Company 2 (Eagle) to Texas under Consul Connor and Company 5 (Wolf) to Florida and surrounding areas under Consul Fitzpatrick, who reports that the media are exaggerating the historic nature of the crisis. The Senate has put three additional companies on alert and under the command of the consuls upon their request. All companies are from Legion 2 (Martel).

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