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On Modern Western Feminism

by Boethius

Modern Western feminism is a calculated effort to destroy Western civilization, and this is how it works.

Nature has given human men an extraordinary desire to please women. For mature men this is much more than a sexual attraction as animals have and as teenage kids experience. It is irrational to think the height of human development is reached when one becomes a teenager.

Of course, adult men want to please women sexually, but the point here is that mature men want to make women happy. 

This is amazing, because Nature developed something here that is beyond mere reproductive urges that would perpetuate the species. Men in general have a great urge to please a woman even beyond sexual pleasure.(although this kind of pleasure is fundamental to the popularity of pornography).

So, this is where modern Western feminism comes in. Given that men have a great urge to please women, the modern feminist movement realizes that they have a kind of power over men by making themselves unpleasable. These feminists can run men around and around and degrade men's psyches. But, it only works on men who have not developed strong minds.

The traditional Western view of this issue is that any man or woman that is continually discontent has a serious problem in their soul due to not training themselves in Virtue, which includes civic harmony.

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