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On Human Novelty

Donnaa F. asks:

What characteristics are uniquely human when compared to other species? 


The Stoic school replis:

The characteristic of even asking this question.

The characteristic of dominating every other species and displaying them in zoos.

The characteristic of worshiping a creator.

The ability to do things our natural body cannot do. We can fly better than any bird, listen to sounds that no animal can, see things like galaxies that are invisible to any other species. While the bodies of certain species might exceed our bodies in one of the five senses, we alone have the ability to surpass every other species at all of their qualities

Humanity alone feels shame when naked in public.

Our hospital system.

The ability to leave earth itself and drive around on the earth

Our mastery of fire.

Our commercial systems.

Our mastery of the electron.

Our uniquely human university system by which we educate our young.

The human drive to do these things and the qualitatively unique Reason to bring them into reality.

There are many more human traits that are unique compared to other species.

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